Grey, Pink and White Nursery Inspirations

My friend (and Libby’s former Science teacher), Emily and her husband Daniel, moved to England and are now expecting a new baby girl!  All of us, over here in the U.S., can hardly wait for the pictures to be posted on Facebook!  I waited, just long enough to not look too excited to do up some nursery plans and then emailed her!  She was excited about having me do a design for her and gave me her colors and thoughts.  I got right to work!

Emily sent me this inspiration, but then mentioned that she likes grey and pink, so I began my search for inspiration that was a little more specific to her request.  In the above photos, I focused on the neutrals, the peace and quiet of the nursery, the heirloom pieces and the reNOUNed items used for display and storage.  
I hear ya Emily!  Here we go:
Grey and Pink
It’s pretty IN right now, to have a grey nursery and then swing the accents either to the pink side for a girl or to the turquoise family of colors for a boy.  She wanted romance, likes chevron and is sentimental about her family!  Away we go…
{restoration hardware}
Repeat the look or mock it (nicely).  Have (or find a crib) with good lines and spray paint it with a metallic pewter paint.  Paint a credenza white and have hubby or a handy friend make a tray top to fit, for the changing table.  My dad made one for our Libby’s dresser!  We secured it with metal straps and screws in the back (the same as you would an old mirror) so it wouldn’t scoot around.  When she was potty trained, we removed it and it went back to being her dresser…and still is!
The shelves are wonderful, aren’t they?  Old brackets and painted boards; couldn’t be much simpler than that!
This just reminds me of Emily and it happens to be in the right colors too!  There are many shades of pinks, yellows and blues to choose for your flower.  I love the fresh look!

Gray and neutrals can really become boring without a little action thrown in.  I love the unexpected stripe!  Click the link to see more photos!  I love the found dresser that’s been repainted!  Since Emily and Daniel live in the UK, I don’t think I’ll be able to do the refinishing.  Good thing Daniel is handy!  I bet they can handle this sort of thing and save a few bucks.

I just love this!  I bet Emily will too!

So peaceful!  That rocker is wonderful!  Looks so comfy and ready to rock!  Not sure if she’s going to nurse or not, but having something for your feet is a must for those who do!  This poof is round and can rock right along with you and the baby!

This one just glows, doesn’t it?  Rosey pinks and a warmer gray that’s closer to putty.  Love it!
Our rocker looks like that one!  I say “looks” because we still have it and use it daily!  It’ll be the rocker that the grandkids call “Grammy’s rocker”, when I grow old.  Pretty sure I’ll never get rid of it and will tell the grandkids of how I rocked their parents in it when they were babies!

More etsy fun!  Wall tiles with letters, patterns and textures in gray and pink!  Look!  The damask is the same as the one below!

{giggle brush designs}
So romantic, without being to granny!  Emily sent me a pattern that when I looked at it, it just didn’t say “Emily’s baby” to me!  I asked her what it was that she liked about it, she said that it looked “romantic.”  This one’s a much better fit!

This is so achievable with a couple of cans of spray paint and some thrift store frames with good bones!  Pay attention to sheen.  Go with satin or flat.  Glossy makes you look too much like an overachiever! 🙂

IMG_5142-2 edit
{project nursery}
See those frames?  Similar to the ones above, from Etsy or painted thrift shop frames.  I love the fluffy rugs and ruffles on the curtains!  The furniture is a little too matchy-matchy for my taste, but it works with the grey walls.

{restoration hardware}
I only included this one because I really love the twinkle lights above the bed, the worn edges on the dresser and  oh, the Moses basket too!  That’s a must have!  I loved mine!!!

Next, Emily’s TRN design board and shopping set!

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    love the white panel with the grey on top. with the neat round poof for the rocker. What color gray paint is used in that nursery? I love it!!

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